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Partial Interior Design Concept for a new built Penthouse Apartment

Interior Design Concept
Approx. CHF 100’000

Just a stone’s throw from the center of St.Gallen, in the Rosenberg district, you’ll find sumptuous buildings and houses in Baroque, Rococo, Classical and Art Nouveau styles.

The building’s minimalist architectural style gives the street an uncluttered ambience, with simple shapes, neutral colors and high-quality materials. It aims to create a calm, uncluttered environment by reducing superfluous elements to a minimum.

In keeping with the architectural style, I opted for a monochrome composition in which I cultivated my intuitive approach to find the balance between sober, bewitching and sophisticated decoration, the right concordance between minimalist architecture and a contemporary, eclectic style of space, highlighting my scenography of the home, making the space livable and welcoming.

Taking advantage of the open-plan volumes, the organization is bathed in light, with the addition of greige tones and the dominance of rigorous browns, blending several textures and materials with the dressing of bay windows by heavy curtains on invisible rails, and at the head of the wave fold with its drapery falling gracefully to the floor, soft, earthy and natural colors, the beauty laid bare evokes the softness of wool and the radiant clarity of a natural complexion. In a warm progression, the choice of wood panelling on the floor contrasts with the walls, bringing well-being and making the room airy.

A masterpiece, the timeless marble table by the Italian Maison Minotti, sets the tone with its marble top, the perfect expression of the minimalism inseparable from the Brazilian architect’s projects, The Linha dining table is a manifesto of his constant quest for elegance in terms of proportions and the almost obsessive attention he pays to the smallest details. It’s accompanied by the Brand van Egmond chandelier, a real work of goldsmith’s art and craft that overhangs the center of the space where I like to have fun styling during dinners with friends or family, set up a scenography of printed pieces with a bohemian aesthetic reminiscent of the colors of my childhood town of Menton and its famous lemon festival, where an explosion of colors mingles, inspiring me daily in my passion as an interior decorator, particularly the Maison Fragonnard in Eze village, whose creations, joyful color palettes and whimsical scents, the expression douceur de vivre and good humor, allow me to express my creative sense.

On the walls, the placement of mirrors is the trick that extends the interior with the exterior, creating the illusion of paintings reflecting the surrounding nature, inviting the play of natural light throughout the day.

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