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Partial interior design concept for a new build luxury villa

Interior Design Concept
Approx. EUR 350’000

The contemporary style with a reinvented Boho chic twist sets the tone for the room.

The villa at the Costa del Sol boasts numerous archaeological remains dating back to the Roman Empire and the Visigoth and Muslim eras. This project inspires me through its architectural history and Mediterranean climate. The design is dynamic, with a monochrome color palette of beige accented by a turquoise reminiscent of the island of Ibiza.

In the spirit of a room family, I explore the space to make it comfortable, practical and welcoming, where the whole family can get together to chat, play or relax. The choice of textured cushions and trimmings makes the style unique and decorative, creating a soft, beach-like atmosphere.

The natural linen wall coverings in beige match the oak wall bookcase, illuminated by warm beams of light to create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.

To counterbalance the space, the placement of dark wood panels brings dynamism and character to the space, featuring iconic black and white photos, making the room elegant and fun, captivating the eye in a cinematic atmosphere.

Funky, natural-toned papers in the washrooms add a unique touch of originality.

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