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Stéphanie Signorell
Interior Designer

“You don’t sell a commodity. You sell joy, gaiety, excitement. You aim at people’s hearts, not their minds.” – Dorothy Draper


Born in France and raised in Paris and the Cote d’Azure, I have been fascinated by architecture and design since my youth. In order to dedicate myself professionally to my great passion, after various training and further education as an interior designer, I set up my own business in Switzerland, St.Gallen with national and international activities.

Style and Philosophy

A fusion of contemporary, maximalism and organic living styles, topped with an unexpected touch of international couture spirit.


Inspiration is something that drives me and inspires my creativity. It can comes from a variety of sources, such as architecture and design books, cultures, natural elements, art galleries, museums, fabrics and colors. Each of these sources has its own unique way stimulating my senses and sparking my imagination for my design elements.

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